Bhutan is a nation truly blessed with one of the world`s most magnificent bio-diversity, Which nation as a whole are extremely proud. Bhutan is mandated by constitution to maintain atleast 60% of its land area under forest cover. Forest are the backbone of Bhutan`s natural heritage, the wealth of the nation.

Bhutan has six types of forest, they are, Board Leaf, Mixed Conifer, Fir, Board leaf and conifer, Blue pine and Chirpine. Out of these categories Board leaf forest is highest in Bhutan.

One of the visionary plans implemented by the Royal Government of Bhutan is the protested areas. These protected areas in Bhutan preserves important or rare habitats, cultural sites and regions of scenic beauty for the enjoyment of present and future generation. Today the government is focusing more on Eco-Tourism involving the local people such protected areas like Phobjikha Conservation Area is known for its ecological richness as a winter habitat for Black-necked Crane. Every year the area receives about 300 Black-necked Cranes. This place is one of the few places in the country where nature and human have coexisted harmoniously with district aesthetic, ecological and cultural value. This uniqueness makes Phobjikha not only a hub of conservation but also a popular Tourist destination, the place has in the year 2006 has received 6000 tourist. Today the country has 10 protected areas which is one of the highest in Asia.

Bhutan`s bio-diversity is not only the national culture but it also serve as economy back bone of the nation especially to rural people. Logging the timber is mainly for exports, Bhutanese flora and fauna are also of high medicinal value, such as Cordyceps are of high demands in foreign countries.

Bhutanese forests are values in the battle against climate change for their ability to absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. Air in Bhutan is fresh and country also observes the world environment day on June 5 every year, where country as a whole observes pedestrian day. A country is also focusing on importing electric cars to combat the climate change challenges.

The respect for the nature has been immense from the time immemorial and nature has been respected in every village in Bhutan. Nation therefore has its own national tree (Cypress). And the killing and hunting the animals is the sin form the very Buddhist perspective and country has national animal Takin.


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