India is a closest neighbour of Bhutan. India shares its border with Bhutan from four directions which means four different entries to Bhutan excluding Paro International Airport. India nationals can enter Bhutan through Phuntsholing via West Bengal state. Another gateway to Bhutan is from Assam state in India from Gelephug where Gelephug is a way to central Bhutan. If you want to travel to eastern Bhutan, the enterance is from Samdrup Jongkhar via Gohati i India. The fourth connectivity is id from Arunachal Pradesh of India to Tashi Yangtse. Though this boundry lack road infrastructure, there is age old ancient tradition where people from Moen Tawang used to visit Bhutan during Chorten Kora festival in Tashi Yangtse.

As Indian is Bhutan’s  largest trading partner, Indian Nationals are free to visit Bhutan at any time with just a permit. Experience the wonders of Bhutan with Phajo Tours, We promise the best of best.



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