btasBhutan is a tiny nation In the Himalayas, located between two giant nations, India and China. A mountainous country with rugged terrain, Bhutan is globally known as “Ten Global Hot sports” in the world due to its diverse flora and fauna. Due to its rugged topographic in nature, road ways are the only mode of transportation in the country to connect the people within. Airways also plays vital role in connecting people worldwide and the route from Paro, Bhutan as shown in the map below

Bhutan has an area of 46,000 sq. Km with more than seven hundred thousand people. For centuries under the leadership of kings, Bhutan enjoyed continued peace, prosperity, and sovereignty under the leaders of selfless leaders. Bhutan has its unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness propounded by our fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck, he is also known as father of “GNH” in Bhutan.

The year 2008 is the historic year in Bhutan; the country went from monarchic form of Government to constitutional democracy. it is an enormous gift from the golden throne, entrusting the power for the people, though many of the Bhutanese people feel that it was given against the will of the people. It is one of the youngest democracies in the world.

Bhutan is a country with rich culture and tradition. Bhutanese culture and tradition depicts its lifestyles and living culture. The culture and tradition truly promotes harmony and Bhutan as a independent nation for centuries, thus fulfilling the concept of “One nation, One people.” Bhutanese people are said to be very polite and courteous. This quality comes from traditional values and customs, where the opinion and suggestions of seniors and superiors are always held in high esteem and criticism is a sign of disrespect.

Bhutan as a country has a unique national identity in the world. The costumes we wear is of unique, the lifestyle and house we live in is of different and unique. Followings are some of the national identities of Bhutan:

  • Gho for men and kira for women are the national dress of Bhutan
  • Ngultrum is national currency of Bhutan
  • Takin is a national animal of Bhutan
  • Blue poppy is a national flower of Bhutan
  • Archery is a national sport of Bhutan
  • Cypress is a national tree of Bhutan.

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