Daily tariff for tourist

Bhutan`s tourism mantra is “high value, low impact”. Although there is no restriction on visitor numbers, there is a minimum daily tariff fixed by the government, which is the same whether you stay in hotels or camp on a trek.

Of this daily tariff, USD$65 goes to the government as a `royalty’. The daily tariff for tourist is US$250 per person per day during the peak season, (March-April, September-November). The daily tariff for the tourist during off season is US$200 per person per day (June-August). The above said daily tariff is inclusive of accommodation, private transport, guide, entry fees, permits, a fully organized trek etc.

Groups of one or two people pay an additional surcharge of US$40/30 per person. However the management of UNIVERSAL Bhutan Travel Agent and with due consent from Managing Director would like to provide the discount up to 5% for all time to come.

Tariff Discounts

Children up to 12 years are exempt from the US$65 government royalty, which is a component of the US$250 during the peak season and vice versa. Full-time students aged under25, with valid identity cards, get a 25% discount if booking directly with a Company.

Discounts are offered on the royalty (not the daily tariff) for longer stay visitors-50% (i.e US$32.50) from the ninth night and 100% after the 15th night.


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